Imaging Informatics Use Case


As a cardiac imaging researcher, I want to:

  • To store and curate cardiovascular research images and their image analysis results
  • To share curated cardiovascular research images with the community

As a PI, I also want:

  • To control who has access to the data my research team collected


These needs/desires serve as the basis for the design of the XNAT-CVI tool and its underlying infrastructure.  Within XNAT-CVI, users can:

  • Upload CT/MRI/echocardiography data sets, associating them with a project
  • Define analysis results data type and associate them with imaging data
  • Restrict access to data by controlling who has access to what projects

XNAT-CVI Benefits:

  • Maintain data access and control
  • Share the data and analysis results collected with others, for re-use

Learn More

Additional information on XNAT-CVI can be found in the tools section here.