CVRG Galaxy

CVRG Galaxy is an extension of Galaxy, a web-based tool that can be used  to analyze a wide range of biomedical data including genome,  transcriptome, and proteome data. CVRG Galaxy has a web-interface that  is easy to use. Users can transfer data to CVRG Galaxy at high speed using Globus Connect, and then create what are known as workflows.  Workflows are successive steps of data access, analysis, and storage of  results. CVRG Galaxy provides a wide range of analysis algorithms, including Physionet algorithms for ECG analysis, and stored workflows  that simplify the process of data analysis. CVRG Galaxy also has tools that  help users run their analyses faster by using multiple processors on the  Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. CVRG Galaxy can annotate data by  retrieving ontology terms from the Bioportal ontology server. CVRG Galaxy stores records of all analyses so that users can document their  work. To use the demo version, go to CVRG Galaxy and login as "", and password “password”. Users also need a Globus account. Use of CVRG Galaxy should be acknowledged as “Development  of CVRG Galaxy is supported in part by the NHLBI Cardiovascular Research  Grid Project (R24 HL085343)”. For further information contact Dr. Ravi  Madduri at

CVRG Galaxy home screen