Electrophysiology Data Discovery Index

The Electrophysiology Data Discovery Index is a tool developed by the CVRG to provide cardiac electrophysiologists with a repository to share their data. Through the use of DSpace and Globus, EDDI allows for the annotation, publication and discovery of electrophysiology time-series data. Users annotate and publish the data by describing details about them and associating them with peer-reviewed publications. Following submission of this information, entries undergo a curation process by EDDI administration to assure it meets publication requirements. After approval EDDI then makes entries available to the community with a case-sensitive interface for searching all its fields, returning all items that meet the search criteria. The search results can then be filtered further, based upon specific values for certain fields. Users may request an account by going to the EDDI site. Use of EDDI should be acknowledged as “Development of EDDI is supported by the CardioVascular Research Grid Data Discovery Index supplement (R24 HL085343) and Tools for Managing and Disseminating Cardiac Electrophysiology Data (R01 HL103727)". Contact Dr. Raimond Winslow rwinslow@jhu.edu for additional details.


CVRG EDDI Workflow