Electrophysiology Data Discovery Index Use Case


As a cardiac disease researcher, I want to:

  • Publish and annotate cardiovascular and electrophysiology research datasets
  • Reference peer-reviewed publications which utilize the data and thoroughly annotate it, making it easily discoverable for use by the research community
  • Discover electrophysiology time-series data made available by other organizations


Leveraging the popular open-source digital repository software DSpace, EDDI has been designed to simplify the discovery of electrophysiology data by allowing researchers to:

  • Create entries for their CV research datasets in the EDDI central archive repository
  • Annotate their dataset and thoroughly describe it to aid its discoverability by the community
  • Upload and annotate their peer-reviewed publications, then link them with ECG and EP datasets, making available electrophysiology datasets more easily discoverable.
  • Following curation and approval by EDDI Administrators, datasets and publications will be available for search on all fields using a case-sensitive interface.

EDDI Benefits:

  • Creates a central access point for the sharing of EP data and analysis results collected by others, for re-use.


EDDI home screen

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Additional information on EDDI can be found in the tools section here.