CVRG Executive Committee

The CVRG is managed by the Executive Committee (EC). The EC is chaired by the CVRG PI (RL Winslow). EC members may include the CVRG project leaders, PIs of each DBP and CTP or there designates, and representative(s) of the NHLBI. Membership will evolve as new projects are added. The charge of the EC is to:

  • define governance policies regarding data sharing and release
  • assure compliance with HIPAA and IRBs
  • monitor issues of ethics and professional conduct, authorship, publications, intellectual property and licensing
  • oversee the addition of new DBPs and CTPs.
  • develop plans for supporting the activities of the CVRG by means of federal and public funding during the course of this work and beyond the end of the grant period.

Current members are Joao Lima (JHU), Gordon Tomaselli (JHU), Theodore Abraham (JHU), Michael Miller (JHU), Laurent Younes (JHU), Joel Saltz (Emory), John J Carr (Vanderbilt University), Alistair Young (U. Auckland), DC Rao (Washington University), Joseph Ames (USC), Ian Foster (U. Chicago), and Jennie Larkin (NHLBI).