CVRG Galaxy Use Case


As a cardiac disease researcher/modeler, I want:

  • To design new ECG algorithms, providing these algorithms to the community while maintaining my intellectual property
  • To create workflows of analysis steps, sharing these workflows with the community, for validation and re-use
  • To accomplish more work in less time, by running analyses in parallel and at scale


These needs/desires serve as the basis for the design of the CVRG-Galaxy tool and its underlying infrastructure.  Within CVRG-Galaxy, users can:

  • Log in with their Globus Online credentials, allowing Globus Transfer to quickly move files marked for analysis to the algorithms
  • Upload and annotate binary algorithms, providing processing detail without source code, unless code sharing is desired
  • Run multiple instances of the algorithms simultaneously
  • Chain algorithms together into workflows, sharing them with other users

CVRG-Galaxy Benefits:

  • Maintain intellectual property, while obtaining community validation
  • Validation of algorithm results can be done quickly
  • Workflows can be re-used by the community

CVRG Galaxy home screen

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Additional information on CVRG Galaxy can be found in the tools section here.