Cardiac CAWorks

Cardiac CAWorks is a tool for constructing 3D heart atlases and using them to quantitatively compare the structure of different populations of hearts. Cardiac CAWorks makes it possible to identify structural differences between normal and diseased hearts. As an example, this approach has been used to discover differences in ventricular shape1 and motion2 that distinguish ischemic versus non-ischemic in vivo human hearts imaged using CT. Cardiac CAWorks is part of MRIStudio. Users can download and install MRIStudio, and use Cardiac CAWorks to study heart shape and its variations. Use of Cardiac CAWorks should be acknowledged as “Development of Cardiac CAWorks is supported in part by the NHLBI Cardiovascular Research Grid Project (R24HL085343)”. Contact Dr. Laurent Younes ( for further details.

#1 Ardekani et al (2009) Ann Biomed Eng 37(6): 1043
#2 Ardekani et al (2009) Proc IEEE Int Symp Biomed Imaging: June pg 899


More details on CAWorks can be found in the CVRG wiki at the pages listed below: