CVRG Imaging Informatics Platform

The CVRG IIP consists of a number of open source technologies that are integrated together to form a complete web-based platform for conducting multi-site cardiovascular imaging studies. The IIP addresses all aspects of a CV imaging study including: de-identification to remove protected patient information; secure and reliable image transfer from clinical sites using the RSNA Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) and Globus Connect; scanning protocol verification; image analysis workflow coordination; and study administration. The core component of the IIP is the eXtensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (XNAT)1. XNAT-CVI is an extension of XNAT that supports unique requirements of cardiovascular imaging informatics studies. XNAT-CVI supports MR, CT and ultra-sound image data. Users may request access to the XNAT-CVI demo site here. Use of the CVRG IIP or XNAT-CVI should be acknowledged as “Development of the CVRG Imaging Informatics Platform/XNAT-CVI is supported by the the NHLBI Cardiovascular Research Grid Project (R24HL085343)”. For further information contact Dr. Yaorong Ge (

The following figure depicts the user perspective of the CVRG XNAT-CVI platform.

XNAT-CVI user workflow diagram

#1Marcus et al (2007) Neuroinformatics 5(1): 11


More details on XNAT-CVI can be found at the pages listed below: