Science Gateway Institute Workshop at Cluster'13

September 27, 2013

As cyberinfrastructure becomes increasingly complex and the most difficult scientific problems depend on advanced digital resources, researchers are turning to gateways to improve their efficiency. Gateway developers typically have few venues for exchanging experiences. While there is much that is common in gateway development across domains, often work is done in many different vacuums, where one group does not benefit from developments in another. This workshop (and its proceedings and publications) provide a means of exchanging ideas, building on the successful Gateway Computing Environments series (2005-2011, Proceedings will be published through IEEE Xplore online proceedings. For more information, visit the Workshop website here.

Session/Time: Scientific Sessions S28: Papers - Automating Tailored Information Monday, November 18, 2013
Presentation Title:
Enabling Multi-task computation on Galaxy-based Gateways using Swift
Authors: Ketan Maheshwari, Alex Rodriguez, David Kelly, Ravi Madduri, Justin Wozniak, Michael Wilde, Ian Foster (Argonne National Laboratory & U of Chicago)


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