bioCADDIE Webinar

September 10, 2015 - 10:00am PDT

Rapid Acquisition of Sequencing Data and Related Publications from the NCBI BioProject Resource - Ben Busby


The NCBI BioProject database is an expandable and flexible interface that makes it easy to store and quickly find data. When looking for research data using fairly broad search terms like "tuberculosis" or "mouse," NCBI BioProject is a great place to start. In this presentation, you will learn how users can search for studies and quickly identify related PubMed-listed publications and sequencing data, such as RNA-seq datasets in the GEO database.  NCBI will also support links to extramural grant identifiers and access by program officers in fall 2016. Myriad other data types can be quickly associated with BioProject IDs using the NCBI LinkOut resource. This framework has the potential to streamline research by organizing data sources, literature, and funding information across the biological research community.


Ben Busby, PhD, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Ben Busby is the Genomics Outreach Coordinator for NCBI and the Chair of the Bioinformatics Department at the Foundation for the Advanced Education in the Sciences. He is very interested in the integration of large genomic datasets, specifically in the metadata harmonization and statistical normalization necessary to do so.

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