CVRG Eureka! Clinical Analytics

Larger research projects have an unmet need to manage diverse clinical data with limited IT support in ways that are efficient, correct and enable sharing and reuse. Eureka! Clinical Analytics is an open source application for investigators to create and manage well-structured and curated clinical datasets using only a web browser. It supports loading data from a spreadsheet or an existing enterprise database. It cleanses, transforms and integrates data into a common model suited for research. It provides an easy to use web interface for investigators to specify temporal patterns in clinical data, called phenotypes, which represent abstracted diagnoses, treatments and responses. It can compute specified phenotypes in datasets with tens of millions of patients. Eureka! outputs the cleaned, transformed and abstracted data into common formats for data mining and statistical analyses. Eureka! has the ultimate goal of enabling investigators to leverage the Cloud and phenotyping to automate a variety of dataset preparation and analysis tasks that currently require extensive IT and analyst support. Eureka! is being integrated with other CVRG tools. A demo version is available here. Use of CVRG Eureka! should be acknowledged as “Development of CVRG Galaxy is supported in part by the NHLBI Cardiovascular Research Grid Project (R24 HL085343)”. Contact Dr. Andrew Post ( for further details.

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More details on Eureka! Clinical Analytics tool can be found in the Eureka! project overview site at the links below: