CVRG Management

CVRG Development Centers

The CVRG development team is distributed across six institutions: The Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, UNC Charlotte, Emory University, Stony Brook University, and The University of Chicago.  Each group has subject matter expertise in the area of research involved in their respective projects.  More information on these groups and their expertise can be found below.

Research Advisory Boards

The CVRG has established a series of research advisory boards. The purpose of these boards is to provide feedback in their respective areas of development as they apply to the CVRG Project. Current boards, their function and members are listed below:

CVRG Executive Committee

The CVRG is managed by the Executive Committee (EC). The EC is chaired by the CVRG PI (RL Winslow). EC members may include the CVRG project leaders, PIs of each DBP and CTP or there designates, and representative(s) of the NHLBI. Membership will evolve as new projects are added. The charge of the EC is to: