Citing CVRG

Citing of CVRG tools in publications and presentations is one metric of success for the CVRG. If you have used our tools, software including source code, documentation, etc, in your project, please cite our contribution using the information below.

Citation Message

" This project incorporates tools whose development was funded in part by the NIH through the NHLBI grant: The Cardiovascular Research Grid (R24HL085343) "

Please inform us of all citations by emailing Stephen Granite at

In addition, please send any CVRG-related news, publications, or presentations to Stephen Granite at We will consider submissions for inclusion on the CVRG site.

CVRG Logo File

The logo below should be used in conjunction with the publication or distribution of any CVRG tools, source code or related documentation. Right-click and choose 'download' file to save a copy of the files locally to your desktop for future use.

CVRG logo - full text - blue
CVRG logo for web or on-screen usage with a light-colored background - full text/wide display format - 400x66 pixel PNG file.