December CVRG Webinar - Stephen Granite

December 8, 2011 - 1:00pm

Presented by:
Stephen J. Granite, MS, MBA – CVRG Program Manager;
Director of Database/Software Development, JHU Center for Cardiovascular Bioinformatics and Modeling
Title: “Providing the cardiovascular community with rich web interfaces to integrate cardiovascular tools, data and analysis."
View: (Archived webinar recording: Powerpoint Presentation)

Over the past four years, the CVRG tools have evolved into the state available today. In this presentation, we will review the development of the CVRG ECGrid Toolkit and the CVRG Portal.  Through the development of these tools, the CVRG team has worked to “not re-invent the wheel.” Instead, we have allowed changes in development and bioinformatics resources guide our tool development, making them evolve with the new resources. This flexibility makes the CVRG itself able to adopt new tools and provide them to the community quickly, while building upon its previous knowledge and experience.

Speaker Bio:
Stephen J. Granite is the CVRG Program Manager, with an MS in Computer Science and an MBA, both from The Johns Hopkins University. He is the Systems Integration Architect for the CVRG, guiding the development of the CVRG Portal and the integration of the tools developed by the respective CVRG teams.  His research focuses on storing, sharing, visualizing and annotating, and analyzing electrocardiograms.